InfinityL DSLR 3axis Gimbal

InfinityL was designed for all cameras up to 1.7kg weight in the multirotor version or 2kg weight in the handheld version. You can use the gimbal with even heavier cameras, but the stabilization effect depends on your copter setup, your gimbal’s electronics setup and the style of flying. 

InfintyL is equipped with special antivibration system that can eliminate high-frequency vibrations caused by props and engines. InfinityL is powered by 3 iFlight 5208 120T motors. Construction of this gimbal allows you to hide electronics inside the roll arm (flyduino version). This improves the gimbal’s design, protects electronics and enables using the on-off switch (included in the set). Also the battery can be easily mounted with the 3M zip type. And, of course, we made sure that all 3 axis are properly supported by well-thought construction. We took special attention to the professional design – all parts are black-anodized.

Technical specification:

1. 1400g including multirotor mount with antivibration system
2. Camera tray width size: 198mm 
3. Supported weight of cameras: 1.7kg weight in the multirotor version or 2kg weight in the handheld version
4. 3x iPower GBM5108-120T
5. Operating voltage for motors: 12-16V
6. Aluminium, black anodized construction 
7. Main roll arm construction allows you to hide electronics (flyduino version)
8. Only 4 scrows to change from multirotor to handheld use
9. Gimbals comes with preassabled engines and needs full assambling
10. All 3 axis can be balanced
11. Place for IMU under camera plate. 


*there is no controller included in the set.








 HandHeld InifnityL







InfnityL and InfnityM